Cameroon, a priority country for EDF's development in Africa

EDF has been active in Cameroon since 2014, supporting the country in fulfilling its commitments to meet the challenge of energy transition.

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Our activities

  • Electricity generation and power plant engineering are the two activities which together form the basis of the Group's activities

  • EDF uses its know-how to support low-carbon electrification projects in rural and isolated areas

  • EDF offers customised services to companies wishing to optimise their energy production and consumption

    Energy solutions
  • EDF offers engineering and services in the fields of energy production, distribution networks and electricity transmission, as well as support for local authorities

    Engineering and services

Our flagship projects

Through its projects in Cameroon, EDF is helping to promote the country's energy transition and improve the lives of its people.


Nachtigal dam

Solar solutions for businesses

Société Générale Cameroun project


Project Susie


Kikot Dam


Stand-alone solar kits

Prix EDF Pulse Africa
2023 Edition

EDF Pulse Africa: supporting entrepreneurs, key players in energy development

With the EDF Pulse Africa Awards, EDF is supporting the entrepreneurial dynamic in Africa with the aim of identifying new partners and stimulating the development of innovative, low-carbon and local energy solutions.

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A commitment to social responsibility in the communities to support the environment, education and inclusion

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