• 45%

    of the population is not connected to the electricity grid.

  • 2.3 million

    households do not have access to electricity in Cameroon.

  • 15 years

    of experience in off-grid.

  • 1 million

    off-grid customers by 2030.

Stand-alone solar kits

In 2020, EDF partnered with upOwa and Solkamtech, two Cameroonian companies specialising in the distribution of stand-alone solar kits, to market 300 solar systems manufactured by the German company Solarworx. The aim of this pilot project is to promote sustainable energy to households and services outside the distribution network.

Mini grid: technical solutions to improve access to energy for populations not connected to the electricity grid

Today, nearly 45% of the population has no access to electricity in Cameroon. One of EDF's objectives is to support the government and local authorities in their electrification efforts.

Using its technical know-how, EDF plans to develop, build and operate various types of renewable energy production plants outside the electricity grid (solar, biogas, hydroelectric).

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Energy Solutions

EDF offers customised services to companies wishing to optimise their energy production and consumption.

Engineering & Services

EDF offers a range of services and support related to distribution networks, electricity transmission and sustainable cities.


EDF puts its experience and technical expertise in large hydroelectric projects to use in addressing Cameroon's main energy challenges.