EDF signed a development agreement with the Government of Cameroon on 25 June 2021 for a second major hydroelectric project, the Kikot project. The two partners are jointly developing the project. The site, located 60 km north-west of Yaoundé on the Sanaga River, is on the border between the Central and Coastal regions.

Local presence for an environmentally friendly project

The project includes a dam and its water reservoir, as well as a hydroelectric plant. The plant, with a capacity of between 450 and 550 MW, will be the most powerful in Cameroon. The planned schedule is ambitious, aiming for construction to start in 2025 and commissioning in 2029.

A dedicated team from EDF Cameroon is fully engaged in the Kikot project. It is based in a recently opened office closest to the project site, in the community of Evodoula. This allows it to work in close contact with the local population.

As part of carrying out the preliminary design (APS), environmental, societal and technical studies are underway. They will enable us to design a sustainable and efficient project that respects the environment and the people.

Evodoula - Kikot hydroelectric project offices


 26 November 2019   Memorandum of Understanding

 25 June 2021 Development agreement with the Government of Cameroon

 2022 – 2024  Technical and environmental studies; industrial set-up and financial closing

 2025   Start of building

 2029   Commissioning of the power plant

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