A key project for Cameroon

The project site is located 70 km north-east of the capital Yaoundé. The dam, built on the Sanaga River, will be 1.455 km long and the headrace channel will be 3.3 km long. With an installed capacity of 420 MW, Nachtigal will be the most powerful electricity generating facility in Cameroon when it is commissioned. The development, construction and operation of this hydroelectric scheme is the responsibility of the Cameroonian company Nachtigal Hydro Power Company (NHPC), which is 40% owned by EDF.

  • 1.2
    billion euros

    Project cost

  • 2024

    Commissioning date of the project

  • 30

    of Cameroon's electricity production

An XXL dam

The project site in pictures

EDF Cameroun

Dam under construction

Channel intake, spillways and temporary diversion - April 2022

EDF Cameroun

Headrace channel under construction

Headrace channel: laying the bituminous lining - April 2022

EDF Cameroun

Energy production plant under construction

Plant (7 x 60 MW units) - April 2022

EDF Cameroun

225 kv transmission line completed

Evacuation station (foreground) - Evacuation lines to Nyom 2 station (background) - April 2022

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