On 9 May 2022, EDF Cameroon's teams moved to a new work space located in the Bastos district of Yaoundé. This site has undergone expansion work, enabling all EDF's project teams and activities in Cameroon to be grouped together in a single location.

EDF has been operating in Cameroon since the development phase of the Nachtigal hydroelectric project in 2014.

EDF Cameroon, a wholly-owned Cameroonian subsidiary of the EDF Group, currently has nearly 70 employees, the majority of whom are working on the project management assistance contract for the Nachtigal site and the development of the Kikot hydroelectric project. It is also responsible for developing EDF's presence in Cameroon by identifying and developing energy generation projects (hydroelectric, renewable, etc.) and services (self-consumption, energy audit, etc.) through the search for development opportunities, the identification and establishment of partnerships with other players and the structuring of financing, including with European or local aid.

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