After Nairobi, Pretoria and Casablanca, The EDF Pulse Africa Tour stopped in Douala on October 31st, 2023, for the Central African stage under the patronage of his excellency Prime Minister, Head of Government Mr. Joseph Dion Ngute.

The theme of this stage was “innovation in the service of low-carbon growth”. Among the 7 candidates from Cameroon, Gabon and Togo, the 1st prize was awarded to the company Diwa Innovation.

Diwa Innovation is a startup from Cameroon that focuses on developing tools for the conservation of catering using solar and thermal assets. By incorporating clay as an essential element to maintain temperature through its thermal properties, the solution is cost-effective, accessible and adaptable across the Sahelian region.

A second “Coup de Cœur » prize was presented to the young Cameroonian company BioEnergie, which introduced mobile biogas digester producing biogas and biofertilizers.  

EDF Pulse Africa continues its commitment to SMEs and startups driving energy innovation in Africa. By providing a platform, we aim to support our partners in our purpose: Reaching carbon neutrality in 2050.  

Awards ceremony in Douala

Olivier Fesquet, Didier Dinamou, Christ Anderson Ahoua Boua

Naomi Dinamona (CEO of Clever Electric) and Saadio Momegni

Didier Dinamou and Saadio Momegni

Olivier Fesquet and Didier Dinamou

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